April 1st Looms: The Best Harmless Pranks To Pull


Ollie Olsson-White, Staff Writer

As the month of April approaches, here are some hilarious pranks to play on your friends and family members.

  1. Putting Googly Eyes on EVERYTHING – This prank is quite simple and very funny. Take your victim’s possessions and place googly eyes on anything that you can find. Although this prank might be tedious, it is well worth your victim’s reaction, and it will take a while for them to remove them.
  2.  Fake Ice Cream Spill- This prop is a very realistic container of melted ice cream that you can place anywhere to make your victim panic.
  3. Fake Cut Finger- This is a simple prank that requires some fake blood and a carrot. What you do is get a cutting board and place the “blood” covered carrot next to your curled finger, and simply just call for help. Just be sure to let them know it’s fake before they freak out too much.
  4. Plastic Wrap Doorway- This popular prank is super funny and easy to recreate. Simply take saran-wrap and wrap it tightly around a door frame and make it transparent as possible or simply turn off the lights to make the illusion work right. Then call your victim into the room (preferably make it seem like an emergency), and watch the scenario you created pan out before you.
  5. Spider Jumpscare- You can buy a fake spider and tie it to the inside of a drawer or cabinet to make it jump out at your unsuspecting victim. Just be sure to record their hilarious reaction.
  6. Classic Jumpscare- This prank is most likely the oldest in the book. Get yourself into a position where your victim cannot see you, like in a dark room or around a corner, and jump out and them while making a loud noise. It works almost every time.
  7. Water Bottle Squeeze- This prank requires you to be a good actor. You have to pretend that there is something in your plastic water bottle and convince them to take a look through the top. While they look down at the bottle, squeeze the bottle and the water will fly into their face.
  8. Water Bottle Pie Face- For this prank, tell your victim to hold their hands out flat in front of them and then place two heavy water bottles tied together over their hands. Then place a plate filled with whipped cream on top. Tell them that this is a challenge to see if they can hold the water bottles in one hand and the plate in the other without using the ground or anything for support. Before they have a chance to react, snip the line and watch as they slap themselves in the face with the whipped cream.
  9. Snake in a box- This prank is as simple as it seems. Take a fake snake and place it in what seems like a gift box. Give it to your friend or family member and get ready to see them flip out.

Upside down hot cocoa- For this prank, place a mug of water face up and then put a plate on top. Finally, flip it and place some whipped cream on top. It will seem like a normal cup of hot cocoa until they lift the cup and are splashed with ice-cold water.

If you are interested in any other pranks that are easily purchasable and accessible, you may want to visithttps://abracadabranyc.com/collections/practical-jokes. The site, one of many that specialize in pranks and gags, offers a myriad of gadgets and gizmos made to delight and entertain.