Destinations: A World Showcase, A Hit Production


Erika Sousa

Sra. Salivar addresses the audience at the conclusion of the Variety Show. At the end of the show, every performer joined Sra. Salivar on the stage.

The Variety Show took place this Saturday, and all the preparation paid off. Everyone did a spectacular job, and the show was generally very enjoyable. The performers were exceptionally talented and exciting to watch. Everything was set up in a very nice manner, and the off-stage crew clearly worked very hard to make sure everything went smoothly. Everyone put in a lot of effort, and their hard work paid off.

The Dazzlers’ performances were very exciting

A group of Dazzlers dance in the midst of the Variety Show. They have been preparing for this Variety Show since the beginning of this year, according to Sra. Salivar. (Erika Sousa)

and fun, and their dance was choreographed really well. It was very impressive to see what so many talented people could do when given an opportunity like this to shine. The performers set their expectations high, and most agree that they met or even surpassed those expectations.

“I thought the dancers did an amazing job! Some of them were really funny, and some were just super cool to watch” said Caroline Fuller, a freshman who saw the show on Saturday night. 

My personal favorite dance was the Fisch Slapping dance since it was funny and enjoyable to watch. Though some of the dances were silly, the dancers still impressed me and the audience with their poise and elegance while dancing.

The effects created by the stage team were also really fun to see alongside the dances and other performances. I think everybody really enjoyed the Variety Show because you could tell how much effort was put into making it a success. The faculty and students all did a great job in practicing, preparing, and presenting a fun show. 

There is hardly any criticism to be made that has any real merit, but the stage lighting shone on the performer’s makeup a bit too much at times, making them look very pale at times. 

All in all, the cast deserves all the praise they have received. 

“It was a hard show but seeing the video of us is really fun and makes me feel like it was worth it.” states freshman dancer, Ava Reece. 

Many share Reece’s opinions that the show was largely a success, and most had a lot of fun taking part in it.

The show was assuredly a large undertaking by students and faculty alike, but all of their efforts paid off well. Even in the video,–which does not do justice to the live performance–one is able to see the immense effort that went into the show. Congratulations to everyone who played a part in the Variety show, all of your work paid off.